Better Build workshop two gems

December 1, 2014
Better Build workshop 2 feedback

Team Better Build gathering feedback from Better Build workshop two participants.

Awesome feedback from the second Better Build workshop at the Wattle Glen Scout Hall! Here are the ‘gems’ we gathered from our group of makers at the end of the day…

‘Thank you for the opportunity! What a lovely day – so much inspiration and ideas! Can’t wait to make another planter.’

‘Loved learning little tricks with woodwork to make life easier! Excellent workshop, beautiful souls, thanks so much!’

‘Great day, thanks! I loved doing something at a leisurely pace instead of rushing. Great company too.’

‘Great day, great venue, perfect weather, wonderful wisdom, great connections, WE MADE STUFF!’

‘I have spent so much time looking at other people’s creations and having ideas but it’s very hard to start. Today I learnt some basic skills which will be a great help and how I hope to continue. Thanks!’

‘It was an amazing day and had lots of great creations.’

‘Make sure everyone experiences the joy of power tools. This was fantastic! Thanks so much!’

‘Delightful people, ideas, opportunities – thanks.’

‘Outstanding event. Learnt new stuff about making stuff. looking forward to the next one. Also great venue and lunch.’

‘Great work guys – maybe a few more tools and coloured paint.’ [Righto Miss Paint Bomb - we're onto it!]

‘Wonderful people doing wonderful things. What a day in so many a way! Make sure I’m on the list for next time.’

‘Inspiration, skills learnt, positive family and community activity. The children are hooked, will need more of this! Thank you.’

‘There are so many smart ways to pull apart a pallet! Thank you!’

‘Really fun, lovely people. When’s the next one?’

The next one is being organised right now – we’ll let you know the details soon…

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