Minimalism Game #1

February 1, 2014

‘To be bored with the internet, is to be bored with life,’ says my sage friend Ella. So it was fitting that she was the one to forward me a provocative online invitation to play the Minimalism Game. I’d already started ‘The Great Miller Street Giveaway’ – an attempt to offload some of my things to a few friends before I move into a smaller space in a delightful share house.

I was enjoying the feeling of just letting stuff go. This, however, did not prepare me for my immediate, visceral response to the game: hell yeah! Bring. It. On.

And then I did the maths. If I’m to follow the rules for the 28 days of February (number of giveaways = day of the month) this means I’m to shift 406 things out of my life for good. Four HUNDRED…and six! Oh-my-lordy-wordy-yes. I’ve never been wealthy, nor that interested in accumulating and I’m not even certain I have that many things. But I’m intrigued enough to give it a go…with a few modifications.

Here’s the way I’m choosing to play:

1. I have to publicly commit to giving away the agreed number of items each day and document them on this blog. But I don’t actually have to shift the stuff by midnight on the day.

2. The items must be donated to a charity/opshop or re-gifted to someone in order to count. I want to avoid sending things to landfill if I can help it.

3. Definitely won’t say no to anyone offering a few gold coins for items they collect. Any money I receive will be donated to a friend completing the FebFast challenge. #winning!

4. This is a personal challenge, not about competing with others. I just want to see how far I can go. (So don’t worry Sarah, I won’t hold you to it!)

Should be interesting…

Day 1: 1 item, 405 items remaining (with text from original posting in the Great Miller Street Giveaway)

This little fatboy is a pure vintage delight! And the drawers slide like they're on rails. Never mind the time I branded it with a hot hair straightener or that a strip of panelling has peeled off at the side (back edge). Round these parts we call that love. (Sewing machine not included).













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