Minimalism Game #4

February 5, 2014


Day 4: 4 items, 396 remaining.

1 x iron
1 x ironing board
1 x fan heater
1 x cane drawers set


Found this ironing board in the hard rubbish. Gave it a little spit and polish, a new cover and hey presto it's everything* you need to become a fulfilled 1950s housewife/husband. *Iron is optional - it's got to be over 15 years old - that's almost a collectable! In fact, when we all finally embrace the pointlessness of ironing, you can just sit it on the mantelpiece and admire it.


Do you like sitting with your head inside a fan-forced convection oven? No? Well maybe this barely used ceramic fan heater does it for you instead. Good for under desk footsy warming.

White laminate + brown cane set of drawers. Good for storing stuff...and...bits. Roughly 70cm H x 40cm D x 42cm W. If cheap Officeworks furniture is your thing, you'll be wrapped with this.













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  • Ellen February 6, 2014 at 2:02 pm

    Hi Liz, love the idea! Wondering if you are interested in presenting at an event I’m running in a couple of weeks on greening your events, if so give me a buzz at work :)

    • Liz February 6, 2014 at 2:45 pm

      Hi Ellen, sure! I’ll call you soon. Wow people really do read these things…and comment too! Nice.